The Process


Once you have found a piece that speaks to your heart, you can place your order through our secure online shopping cart. If you have any questions prior to placing your order, please Contact Us. You can also email us at, or call 608-284-8682.

After you place your order, we create a custom welcome package and collection kit and send it to you via USPS. In the collection kit we provide everything needed to send the cremated remains to us. This includes a screw-top collection vial, a resealable plastic bag, your order form, a USPS Priority Mail Express padded envelope and a shipping label. Place the indicated amount of cremated remains (ashes) in the collection vial and place the vial in the plastic bag. You can take your package to your local post office. By law, cremated remains are required to be shipped through USPS Priority Mail Express. The special shipping and handling required for ashes will cost $25.40.

If you feel inclined to share, we welcome you to tell us a little bit about your loved one, or include a link to their obituary. We love to know more about who we are creating memorials for, and it helps us create an extraordinary and special memorial.

*Discounts are available when you order more than one memorial. Discounts are applied during checkout.

10% discount when ordering 2 or 3 memorials. Enter discount code during checkout: 10%OFF

15% discount when ordering 4 or 5 memorials. Enter discount code during checkout: 15%OFF

20% discount when ordering 6 or more memorials. Enter discount code during checkout: 20%OFF

Handling of Cremated Remains

The cremated remains of a person are sacred and deserve to be treated with respect. We take our responsibility very seriously and consider it an honor that you entrust them to us. We promise to handle them with care and the same reverence we use when handling our own family members. 


When we receive your collection kit it is placed in a lock-top container and labeled with your unique order ID. We understand how extremely important this memorial is to you and we are honored to be working with you. We have an extensive process to ensure your loved one is well taken care of while in our care.

All Forevermore Keepsakes are handmade and are created using either glass blowing or glass fusing.

For the blown glass items (roses, horses, unicorns) we use a propane/oxygen torch to melt the glass. Once molten and glowing we add the ashes to the memorial and shape it. Once it is in its final form we use 22k gold and fume the piece. Fuming is the process of placing the gold in the flame and vaporizing the metal. The gold is then captured onto the hot glass, which creates the pinks, purples and gold colors on the final memorial. It is then put in our digitally controlled kiln to anneal (strengthen) the glass and slowly cool it to room temperature. The memorial is then placed back into the lock-top container until it is packaged and shipped.

For all the other memorials we use glass fusing. We use a combination of crushed glass, sheets of glass, and the cremated remains arranged by hand to create the memorial. Many of our memorials also use dichroic glass, which means the colors shift. This is glass which has been specially coated with a thin layer of specific metals to create an amazing optical appearance which shifts and changes colors depending on the angle you are viewing the glass. The memorial is placed in a digitally controlled kiln and heated until the glass melts and fuses into a single piece and then slowly cooled back to room temperature. The memorial is then placed back into the lock-top container until it is packaged and shipped.

Any unused cremains are kept with the memorial in the lock-top container and shipped back to you. 


After the entire order is ready, we package and ship the completed Forevermore Memorial. We ship the keepsake back to you via Priority Mail Express which requires a signature for delivery. If no one is available to sign for the package, it is kept at the post office to be picked up by you. (USPS requires packages to be picked up within 5 days otherwise they are returned and additional shipping costs are required). Any cremains that we do not use will be mailed back to you with the keepsakes.

Lost or damaged shipping

Our fused glass keepsakes are remarkably strong, and we don’t expect them to break during shipping. The blown glass items (Rose and Horse/Unicorn) are more fragile and we have spent a lot of time finding the best cushioning and packaging for these items. We even made plain glass roses (without cremated remains in them), packaged them, and then dropped them from the second story, down a flight of stairs and kicked the box to make sure we found the best possible packaging. If a keepsake were to break during shipping, contact us immediately and together we can decide how to proceed. We can either remake the Forevermore Keepsake, refund your order, or sometimes we can repair the keepsake if sent back to us. For damaged orders we do need photographic evidence of the broken item and shipping material, as we then submit an insurance claim with USPS for you.