"My pendant arrived today and it is absolutely perfect. Exactly what I hoped it would be. Thank you so very much for creating such a special piece. I will wear it close to my heart always. I fell in love with dichroic glass many years ago when my parents gifted me with a piece from our home on Cape Cod Massachusetts. I never remove it. This piece so much resembles exactly that piece, only with the cremains of my dad infused in the piece. It is absolutely perfect!  Thank you so much for the special care in creating such a fantastic piece. I will wear it close to my heart always. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing talents in creating the most perfect piece for me. May God bless you and your family as you have blessed me with your talent in preparing exactly what I wanted!  Much thanks and love."

-Lynn F., Iowa

“Thank you so so much for what you are doing for me. Having this memorial vase will bring much comfort. My sister will reside in my home. I get to have her close to me. I will be able to say hello to her each day. She lives on every day in my home which is a great comfort to me. You provide a much needed service to those in great need. I would venture to say that in creating memorial vases for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, is a much needed first step in the process of healing.  

-Katie J., Washington 

"Thank you so much for the beautiful tealight  holders.  We appreciate your patience as we tried to navigate the process of getting what you needed to make these beautiful holders.  We are so excited because these are exactly what we wanted to remember my father.  Thank you for your kind words and professionalism. You are definitely A+."

-Lorrie D., Connecticut