How long does it take to make my Forevermore Keepsake?

After we receive the collection kit from you, please allow 4-6 weeks before the keepsake is ready to be shipped.

What are the bubbles in the glass?

The bubbles you see in the photos are called champagne bubbles and are a hallmark characteristic of handmade fused glass items. The size and number of bubbles will vary slightly from piece to piece, because each one is unique and handmade.

Will my Forevermore Keepsake look the same as in the photos?

Since every Forevermore Keepsake is handmade, each and every one will be a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. They will look very similar to the photos but will vary slightly. For example, the keepsake you receive may vary in the swirls of color, how the ashes look, and the size and number of bubbles.

How do I send the cremated remains to you?

After you place your order, we create a custom welcome package and collection kit and send it to you via USPS. In the collection kit we provide everything needed to send the cremated remains to us. This includes a screw-top collection vial, a resealable plastic bag, your order form, a USPS Priority Mail Express padded envelope and a shipping label. Place the indicated amount of cremains in the collection vial and place the vial in the plastic bag. You can take your package to your local post office. By law, cremains are required to be shipped through USPS Priority Mail Express. *The special shipping and handling required for cremated remains will cost $25.40.

What if I don't feel comfortable handling the cremated remains to transfer them into the collection kit? 

Most funeral homes would be happy to assist you in placing the cremains in the collection vial to send back to us. 

Will I get the cremains back?

We send all unused cremated remains back to you. They will usually be included in the same package as your keepsake. 

How do I know the cremated remains are the ones I sent?

We respect the trust placed in us and take our job seriously. To ensure the integrity of each order, we have implemented procedures to ensure our process is safeguarded against any error. Each order is meticulously labeled and placed in its own lock-top box which contains everything for that order. We only work on one order at a time, ensuring each order has our undivided attention while it is being created. 

Will I be able to see the cremated remains?

Yes, all of our Forevermore Keepsakes have the cremated remains visible somewhere on the piece. They will look white or grey, or sometimes will take on a cloudy appearance inside the glass. You can view the product photos for an idea of how they may appear in your glass piece.

I would like to have cremains from two loved ones fused together in one piece. Is this possible?

Yes, we will send you a collection kit with one vial and you simply combine both in the same vial. You will not be able to see a difference between the cremated remains in the final piece.

What happens if my Forevermore Keepsake breaks during shipping?

Our fused glass keepsakes are remarkably strong, and we don’t expect them to break during shipping. The blown glass items (Glass Roses and Horse or Unicorn figurines) are more fragile, so we have spent a lot of time finding the best protective cushioning and packaging for these items. In the unlikely event a keepsake were to break during shipping, please contact us immediately. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we will work with you to figure out a solution. If an item breaks in shipping we can remake the glass piece, refund your order, or sometimes we can repair the keepsake if sent back to us. *In order to place an insurance claim for you, we will need photographic evidence of the broken item and shipping material. We will handle submitting the claim and any further correspondence required to process the claim. 

After a Forevermore Keepsake is made, can the cremated remains be removed?

Once the cremains are fused into the glass, they are part of the glass piece and cannot be removed.

I don't have any cremated remains. Are you still able to make a memorial?

Yes! We can make memorials without the cremated remains! We can also include locks of hair or fur into the keepsake. Their essence will be infused into the glass, they just won’t be visible in the finished piece. Please contact us with any questions.