About Us

When you lose someone, your world comes crashing to a halt. Yet the world around you keeps going, and it is a painful reminder of your loss. We are a husband and wife team, and we are all too familiar with the heartache of loss. Not only have we loved and lost friends, relatives, grandparents and beloved pets, but then within a span of 14 months we lost both of our fathers. First, in January, Melissa’s dad passed suddenly and unexpectedly. In that one moment, with that one phone call, life as we knew it was shattered. And then just 14 months later, Ryan’s father passed away after battling cancer for many months. These wounds are still fresh for us, and so we vividly recall the experience. As we began the process of dealing with our grief, it became even more clear how much of a need there was for Forevermore Glass. When we were at the funeral homes there weren’t any options given that truly felt right to us. They had urns, and metal jewelry, crystal orbs and several other memorial items. While each of them was beautiful, and might be the right fit for some people, none of it spoke to our hearts. We think there are more people out there like us, who yearn for a beautiful treasure to honor their loved one, but don’t know where to look. That’s why we created Forevermore Glass. There are other places to get glass memorial orbs and other such things, but we hope to offer unique items, that capture your attention and your heart. We know it is a privilege to be able to help people who are grieving and we are honored to work with you. This is a sensitive subject, so please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, we are here to help.


Ryan's Glass Work

Ryan started working with glass seemingly on a whim. He saw it once in the Smoky Mountains and he just had to try it. Melissa bought him a 1 hour trial class and he was hooked. The next day he bought all of the equipment, and taught himself how to glass blow. He had a natural talent for it...some of his first creations were roses, hummingbirds, snowmen, and dragons. He had a custom request for a pink rhino, and made an exquisite gold fumed glass rhino on his first try. And so his glass business, Pink Rhino Glass was born. He had success selling at art shows and on Etsy, but kept meeting people who would ask the same question. "Would you be able to include cremation ash in one of your glass pieces?" Ryan was eager to help create something so meaningful and special for them, and always accommodated these requests. These were his favorite pieces to make, and somehow people kept seeking him out for these projects. He was then approached by a company that worked with multiple glass artists to create cremation glass art. For 2 years he worked with them, and enjoyed it so much that it took over as his main glass focus, and Pink Rhino faded into the background. After our fathers passed away and we realized how much of a need there was for these special memorials, we made the decision to venture out on our own, and Forevermore Glass was born. Now Ryan still creates the blown glass pieces, and Melissa specializes in the fused glass creations.

About Ryan & Melissa

We were both born in Madison, WI, and met in high school. We were best friends for many years before eventually coming to terms with what everyone else around us already knew...that we were meant to be together. We got married in 2011, and in 2017 had a baby boy. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats and a horse. Our family and friends mean the world to us. We love animals, nature, music and board games.