Next to My Heart Pendants

Countless times a day I think of my Dad...while going about everyday life, during small special moments, and at big momentous occasions. We created this line to give you something to feel against your heart, to be able to reach up and touch, during these moments. Whether you are missing them and wishing they were here to share an experience with, smiling at a treasured memory, or just wishing for one more hug, our pendants give you something tangible to hold onto. You can reach up and touch the pendant in moments when you need strength, comfort or a smile. With beautiful dichroic* glass on the front, and cremation ash on the back, your loved one will always be next to your heart.

*Dichroic means two colors. The colors you see change as you are looking at the glass depending on what angle it is viewed from.  

Discounts are available when you order more than one memorial. Discounts are applied during checkout. 10% discount when ordering 2 or 3 memorials (10%OFF). 15% discount when ordering 4 or 5 memorials (15%OFF). 20% discount when ordering 6 or more memorials (20%OFF). 

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